Grand day out courtesy of Fuller’s

London Pride Bottle FoskaSaturday saw an open day at the world famous Griffin Brewery, the home of London Pride! The kind people of Fuller’s opened up their doors to people that had come from all over the land, offering free brewery tours, free beer tasting (!), hog roast and many other fun family activities.

I was awoken to a quite excited phone call from Foska Tony, who already was wide awake and raring to go. I, on the other hand, was feeling a little bit furry from the night before. Persevering through, got ready putting my Duff freeride jersey on to be joined by Tony, Viks and Brian (all in their Pride jerseys) for a short trip to the brewery on our bikes.

After a sight detour which got us a little lost, we used our beer-homing abilities to find it, which worked a treat. After being stopped for photos, we headed straight for the beer (as you do), but they were only serving them in small glasses, of which they ran out! Luckily I had my London Pride water bottle there with me which they kindly filled up. After a long while sampling, then re-sampling the beer, we decided we were getting a bit hungry so headed off to the pub (there’s a theme here…), after some very nice snorkers and mash we sat and watched the final time trial of the Tour De France then headed off home.

Grand day out courtesy of Fuller’s brewery, Foska’s favourite! Check them out on Facebook here, and ‘like’ us here for exclusive deals and offers.

Foska Visit

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