Great British Bike Ride 2011

Afternoon Foskians, last year me and dad (Foska Tony) took part in the first Great British Bike Ride, which covers the distance between Land’s End and Twickenham. This was my first ride spanning this sort of length and after cycling from Twickenham all the way down there, boy, did it not disappoint. It was hard graft but everyone had a real good time, no matter what the riding experience. Unfortunately me and Dad weren’t available to take part this year but maybe next year! Anyway, the reason I’m bringing this back up is they’re currently 3 days into this year’s ride, in the rain (oh dear), pacing from Yeovil to Winchester. Thinking of all you selfless riders! Good thing they’re all wrapped in all Foska gear, indeed.

Follow their progress and apply for next year at we hope to see you there

Foska Ben

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