Take a look at the new Foska cycling shorts!


Foska Bib Shorts are high quality men’s padded cycling shorts with shoulder straps. The ergonomically shaped pad has a multi density construction which will absorb impact and vibration from the road. It is extremely breathable and will wick away moisture for greater comfort on even the longest of days in the saddle. Foska Bib Shorts have an eight panel construction which results in a superb cycling specific fit for improved comfort and performance. The bib straps will wrap around your shoulders, keeping the shorts firmly in place when you are cycling. Gel grip hems ensure that the shorts don’t ride up and all of the seams are flat locked to prevent chafing. These shorts have got it all: advanced technical fabrics, quality construction, a great fit and performance design which means that you can forget about discomfort and chafing and concentrate on enjoying the ride.

Was: £59.95
Now only: £44.95

newshortsFoska New Lycra Cycling Shorts are men’s padded shorts which are packed with technical features and offer comfort, performance and great value for money. They feature a built-in, 3D shaped pad which is anti-bacterial and will cushion impact and vibration. The dual-density, paneled construction ensures a great fit, and breathable panels in key areas provide excellent moisture management for improved comfort. The shorts also feature a flat, elasticated waistband, flat-locked seams to reduce chaffing and gel grip hems to hold the shorts in place when you are riding. These are well made cycling shorts which perform to a very high standard and are a great choice for commuting, touring, training or sportives.Was: £44.95
Now only: £34.95
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Win a King of the Pies Road Cycling Jersey!

Who wants a FREE Cycling Jersey? We’ve just launched a new competition and we’re giving away our new King of the Pies Road Cycling Jersey! How many pies can you find?
Enter here: http://a.pgtb.me/0XH3Mn
King of the Pies Road Cycling Jersey

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Don’t Compromise

It’s been a long time coming, but we can now reveal our latest cycling jersey. Available end of March. Who wants one?

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Easter Egg Winners 2012

Thanks to all of you who took part in our Easter Egg Hunt contest! We are happy to announce that almost 400 people sent us their answers. The three lucky winners who have just received a free £50 Foska voucher via email are:

1. James Royal
2. Laura West
3. Mike Pocock

..and the right total number on the eggs is 39. :)

The Foska Team

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Update: Around The World For Water

Hey everyone, this is a blog post from Rob and Tom, the guys that we are following around the world! Enjoy. Best of luck, lads.

Foska Water Bottles

“This is the first of what will hopefully be many updates from the road, and there`s lots to say seeing as though a week has already flown by, despite it seeming like only yesterday that we were cycling away from the Minster! The send off went extremely smoothly, far from the small family affair that we had expected, but it was great to have so many people outside the Minster supporting us. The 50 miles to Hull were pretty uneventful and we made it in plenty of time to have a picnic with our families and say the last goodbyes before we sailed away. There were surprisingly few tears – not because we don´t care about all the people that we are leaving behind but more because it hadn’t and still hasn’t sunk in what we were embarking on. The Netherlands was a great country to ease us into the touring lifestyle. The weather was perfect with a nice tail wind and plenty of clearly marked, smooth, flat cycle lanes across the country. We only cycled on the road once for about 5 minutes before we were shouted at by several motorists and directed towards the cycle lane that we had somehow missed!! We spent the first night at Rob´s Auntie and Uncles house about 50 miles north of Rotterdam, where we were spoiled rotten!

Germany has been a bit more challenging. Firstly there are hills (some pretty big ones at that) and secondly the cycle lanes are not so good, so our map reading skills (or lack of) have been tested. The weather has also been less kind with a fair bit of rain, particularly during the night. We both thought it was nice to lay in a cosy tent and listen to the rain outside – it gets pretty boring after 8 hours though! This being said we have really enjoyed Germany so far, the scenery has been lovely and the people very friendly.

All in all the first week or so has been great. We have soon adapted to the cycling lifestyle. Our saddles are worn in, the tent feels like home, peanut butter foldy overs have become a staple in our diet and we are keeping up a daily average of about 60 miles.

We have also experienced some great hospitality so far including a Dutch lady giving us lemonade and biscuits on a hot day, a guy called Frank letting us camp outside his house and cooking us tea and a lovely man called Stephan who’s house we are staying in tonight. That is about all for now, our next destination in Nurnberg, where we will be doing our first talk in a school close by and then it’s on to Austria!!”

Foska Netherlands

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Wake Up To Your Corn Flakes! New Jersey!

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes is one of the most popular and well known brands  across the world, it also happens to be one of our favourites! The legacy was born in the late 19th century by a group of Seventh-day Adventists trying to adhere to the vegetarian diet recommended by the church, and after experimenting with a number of different products, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg and his brother Will Keith Kellogg used the treated maize product in a recipe which became Corn Flakes! This was coupled with a strict vegetarian diet that excluded alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine as he believed (as a follower of sexual abstinence) that entirely bland foods would provide an anaphrodisiac effect, lowering the sex drive!

But hey, don’t let that stop you enjoying a nice crisp bowl of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, we in the Foska Cave often do (with our Marmite toast). Pre-order yourself one of these bright, fun jerseys and save £5, standing out in the crowd and expressing your love for the world’s greatest breakfast cereal in the process!

P.S. I have just learned that the rooster that has been the iconic image of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes since the beginning of time is called Cornelius (Corny) Rooster, who knew?!

Kellogg's Corn Flakes Cycling Jersey

Kellogg's Corn Flakes Cycling Jersey





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That’s it, I’m moving to The Netherlands.

Transfer Accelerator

Saw the most amazing thing on the web today, a train company which knows how to please the people, well the simple minded of us anyway! The freshly renovated railway station in Overvecht has the world’s first transfer accelerator. The slide, sorry, transfer accelerator, is situated next to a large flight of stairs and provides a faster method of descent if you are running late in the redeveloped station.

The developers say it was created as a nice gesture to the people for a playful spin on the usual mundane journey to work. I can’t stop looking at it, it looks like quite a lot of fun, indeed! I do hope they bring one in at Victoria!

Here’s a video of it in action, I love the thumbs up at the end.  Although I wonder if it meets health and safety regulations?!


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Grand day out courtesy of Fuller’s

London Pride Bottle FoskaSaturday saw an open day at the world famous Griffin Brewery, the home of London Pride! The kind people of Fuller’s opened up their doors to people that had come from all over the land, offering free brewery tours, free beer tasting (!), hog roast and many other fun family activities.

I was awoken to a quite excited phone call from Foska Tony, who already was wide awake and raring to go. I, on the other hand, was feeling a little bit furry from the night before. Persevering through, got ready putting my Duff freeride jersey on to be joined by Tony, Viks and Brian (all in their Pride jerseys) for a short trip to the brewery on our bikes.

After a sight detour which got us a little lost, we used our beer-homing abilities to find it, which worked a treat. After being stopped for photos, we headed straight for the beer (as you do), but they were only serving them in small glasses, of which they ran out! Luckily I had my London Pride water bottle there with me which they kindly filled up. After a long while sampling, then re-sampling the beer, we decided we were getting a bit hungry so headed off to the pub (there’s a theme here…), after some very nice snorkers and mash we sat and watched the final time trial of the Tour De France then headed off home.

Grand day out courtesy of Fuller’s brewery, Foska’s favourite! Check them out on Facebook here, and ‘like’ us here for exclusive deals and offers.

Foska Visit

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Scott Shepherd – Rider Down

Rider Down TeamWe all know what it’s like to fall off our bikes or to twist an ankle whilst running but every so often there is a crash that is quite a lot more serious that needs to be noted.

On Sunday 8th May 2011, a rider named Scott Shepherd fell off his bike while racing the senior quarter finals at Penshurst Off Road Cycling Centre in Kent. It was a bad one. After catching his head on some tree stumps left by the side of the track, Scott was in serious trouble, suffering extensive brain trauma and being left in a coma.

Scott was rushed to hospital by KSS Air Ambulance and is slowly recovering, although still in a coma. He was being treated at London Royal Hospital for five and a half weeks but has now been moved to Royal Derby Hospital and is working hard towards recovery.

Rider Down has been created to try and raise some funds for Scott’s rehabilitation and has been widely well received across the mountain biking world. Heinz Beanz being Scott’s favourite jersey, Foska has donated some of Scott’s friends (and fellow riders) some Heinz Beanz shirts to help raise awareness for this cause to wear during races and events.

Follow his progress here.

Remember, always wear a helmet…

Scott Shepherd

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Foska Adopt Kiyo and Misha

Foska Adopt Kiyo and Misha

Our beloved aardvark, Oska, now has two more friends to play with! Kiyo and Misha currently reside as two in-love aardvarks at London Zoo. The iconic Oska appears on all our clothing and has always been a sense of inspiration to us, the simple, yet humerous creatures never seem to fail to raise a smile, something that Foska has strived to achieve.

Updates on how our quirky looking trio are doing will be posted here, on our Facebook and Twitter. I must warn you though, their typing skills aren’t great and they have a strange sense of humour about them. You can visit them here, or see them for real at London Zoo.

Kiyo’s favourite food is avocado, Misha’s is mealworms and Oska’s is of course, Marmite! So if you would like to send them a treat then this is what they enjoy most ;) Or alternatively, my favourite is London Pride, you can send this direct to Foska HQ… Maybe not the mealworms though, that might get a little messy!

Foska Ben


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