Day One and Two!

Day one and two complete! Excellent. The weather has been holding out for us thus far, not too sure about today though, looks a bit grotty. Day one and two have gone relatively well, spent a total of about 13 hours in the saddle so far and have cycled about 140 miles, which considering how long we’ve been going for, isn’t a massive amount! My dad did inform me that the ride was going to be a little bit hilly, I think that was probably the understatement of the year, there are some bloody big hills!

At the end of day one we found our hotel in Wilton, had a celebratory jar of beer then off to the ice bath (this was NOT my idea), showers then off for dinner. After a short walk across town we reached a pub which was advertising it’s curry night, we’d struck gold. One curry and some more beers later we leave to find another establishment, only to stumble upon a beer festival!! The drinking continued as we watched the live band, then off to a very welcoming bed.

The morning of day two we were a little bit stiff to say the least, as we reached breakfast the host asked us if we’d like a cooked breakfast, we immediately agreed without thinking. This was to prove unwise. Two full English breakfasts later and we were stuffed and ready for bed again, but it was not to be, we had to be on our way. The breakfast sat in our stomaches for around two hours before even a little bit of comfort set in. Had a quick meeting with nature along the way and felt a bit more relaxed. We found that the pace had dropped considerably from the first day to the second, we were now averaging a measly 10mph, this was going to take a while. We reached Yeovil (about 2/3 of the way) and found a pub for a swift half, turns out they stocked London Pride! Brilliant. From there it was pretty much all up, some huge hills later and we were rolling into Ilminster, we’d nearly finished. Staying with an old friend we drank lots more beer and ate even more curry, another good night after a long day.

Day 3 is a big one, all the way down to Exeter then across Dartmoor, we’re staying just the other side of Tavistok, it’s going to be a long and hilly day but we’re nearly there!

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