Foska Adopt Kiyo and Misha

Foska Adopt Kiyo and Misha

Our beloved aardvark, Oska, now has two more friends to play with! Kiyo and Misha currently reside as two in-love aardvarks at London Zoo. The iconic Oska appears on all our clothing and has always been a sense of inspiration to us, the simple, yet humerous creatures never seem to fail to raise a smile, something that Foska has strived to achieve.

Updates on how our quirky looking trio are doing will be posted here, on our Facebook and Twitter. I must warn you though, their typing skills aren’t great and they have a strange sense of humour about them. You can visit them here, or see them for real at London Zoo.

Kiyo’s favourite food is avocado, Misha’s is mealworms and Oska’s is of course, Marmite! So if you would like to send them a treat then this is what they enjoy most ;) Or alternatively, my favourite is London Pride, you can send this direct to Foska HQ… Maybe not the mealworms though, that might get a little messy!

Foska Ben


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