iPayRoadTax vs Tate Modern!

Anais Regeon at the Tate Modern

Anais Regeon got in touch with our pals over at iPayRoadTax.com. Below is what she had to say!

“I got my shirt through the post on Saturday, it looks amazing, and I have been wearing it intensely since :)

I get strange looks from people on foot and drivers at the wheel, but cyclists give me a smile and a nod, it is great!

I even took my shirt to the Tate Modern, where we staged a “sleep in” to commemorate the Deepwater Horizon disaster and voice our disagreement regarding the BP sponsoring of the arts. I thought a zero emission shirt was appropriate in those circumstances.”

Thanks to Anais and her iPayRoadTax Jersey!!

If you have any of your own photos of you wearing your Foska Jerseys then why not send them to info@foska.com. You never know, you might find yourself as the next feature on our website or email!

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