It’s starting to rain

Training is going well, getting some miles done and starting to feel a little bit better, although I have a feeling it’s not going to be enough! I’m starting to wish I had started training more than about a week and a half before the event, but oh well, there’s no turning back now, it has to be done. Took another look at the route today on Google Maps, it’s a bloody long way! I don’t think I quite registered quite how far 80 miles every day was going to be, “oh and on this day we’ll just ride along there, across Dartmoor then finish”… I think that might be a low point on the adventure!

Another thing is that the rain is starting to pick up, I hope it stops, we have enough issues without getting soaked being one of them! Getting the last of my kit together in preparation for Friday, the bag is just full of Foska stash, at least I’ll look good and feel comfy! I keep telling myself if I can run the marathon with no training (in a Duff jersey, picture to prove it!) then I should be able to manage this… Surely.

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