Merry New Year From Foska!

Hello Foska Fans! Foska Ben is back in town :) Sorry we haven’t posted in a while, we’ve been busy stuffing our faces full of Christmas treats. Time to get back on the bike now me thinks. Hope all of you had a good Christmas and New Year, and got all the Foska gifts you wanted… If you didn’t and Father Christmas is in your bad books at the moment then we have just the thing for you – a January Sale! If it was a Foska free Christmas (perish the thought!) and you didn’t get what you really wanted then it’s only fair you get it for cheap we thought.

We at Foska got some very nice gifts, I especially liked my SPAM Fancy Dress Costume which is definitely coming back up to university with me. *Attention West Midlands* If you see an devilishly handsome young male dressed as a tin of SPAM, be sure to let him know how awesome he is, you might even get your name up in lights on this very website (hurrah!). Do let us know what you all got in the comments below.

2010 was a good year for us, a new website, successful cycleshow 2010, a knackering but ultimately satisfying charity ride to Lands end and BACK!! But we hope 2011 can top it. We have some new designs on the way, Hovis, Minnie the Minx, Desperate Dan to name but a few, our new Toastie Jackets are now available, and we have some plans for extra additions to the Foska range, so watch this space!

Finally we would just like to say thank you to each and every Foska Fan who helped make 2010 so good, it wouldn’t have been the same without you!

P.S. Any Foska stories or pictures are much appreciated so post them on our Facebook page here or in the comments below and if we use them you could get yourself a Foska voucher!

Much Love,
Foska Ben

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