New Designs!!

What do we have here!? A few new Foska jerseys, that’s what!

It must be the new year cos we got us some new designs! As you can probably see we have 3 new designs to announce today. We’ve got Desperate Dan and Minnie the Minx to accompany Dennis the Menace. We also have Hovis, which actually started life as Custom Kit for Hovis themselves but we thought it looked to good to keep from you guys!

The jerseys aren’t out till the end of Feb but don’t let that stop you. They areĀ availableĀ for pre-order now which also gets you a fiver off..!

Check ‘em out here!

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One Response to New Designs!!

  1. Rose Corbett says:

    Love the new mini the minx shirt will it be available in a size 18 as i am a larger lady cyclist.

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