New Wallace & Gromit Bottle!

Meet the newest member of the Foska catalogue, the new Wallace & Gromit Water Bottle. Costing only a fiver, it’ll make a great addition to any Foska fans arsenal!

We are giving every customer the chance to get there hands on any Foska water bottle absolutely free, including the new Wallace and Gromit one, by simply buying one of the matching Road Jerseys. For example buy a Marmite Road Jersey and get a Marmite water bottle. Buy an Irn-Bru Road Jersey and get an Irn-Bru Bottle, Et cetera, Et cetera.

Check out what’s what here..

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New Designs!!

What do we have here!? A few new Foska jerseys, that’s what!

It must be the new year cos we got us some new designs! As you can probably see we have 3 new designs to announce today. We’ve got Desperate Dan and Minnie the Minx to accompany Dennis the Menace. We also have Hovis, which actually started life as Custom Kit for Hovis themselves but we thought it looked to good to keep from you guys!

The jerseys aren’t out till the end of Feb but don’t let that stop you. They are available for pre-order now which also gets you a fiver off..!

Check ‘em out here!

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Foska Savings 101

We got some more savings for you! Check ‘em out from the home page!

Also… 1st one to correctly show the equation above in its expanded form wins a foska voucher – answers on the back of a postcard please… or just write it in the comments here, it’s up to you!

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Merry New Year From Foska!

Hello Foska Fans! Foska Ben is back in town :) Sorry we haven’t posted in a while, we’ve been busy stuffing our faces full of Christmas treats. Time to get back on the bike now me thinks. Hope all of you had a good Christmas and New Year, and got all the Foska gifts you wanted… If you didn’t and Father Christmas is in your bad books at the moment then we have just the thing for you – a January Sale! If it was a Foska free Christmas (perish the thought!) and you didn’t get what you really wanted then it’s only fair you get it for cheap we thought.

We at Foska got some very nice gifts, I especially liked my SPAM Fancy Dress Costume which is definitely coming back up to university with me. *Attention West Midlands* If you see an devilishly handsome young male dressed as a tin of SPAM, be sure to let him know how awesome he is, you might even get your name up in lights on this very website (hurrah!). Do let us know what you all got in the comments below.

2010 was a good year for us, a new website, successful cycleshow 2010, a knackering but ultimately satisfying charity ride to Lands end and BACK!! But we hope 2011 can top it. We have some new designs on the way, Hovis, Minnie the Minx, Desperate Dan to name but a few, our new Toastie Jackets are now available, and we have some plans for extra additions to the Foska range, so watch this space!

Finally we would just like to say thank you to each and every Foska Fan who helped make 2010 so good, it wouldn’t have been the same without you!

P.S. Any Foska stories or pictures are much appreciated so post them on our Facebook page here or in the comments below and if we use them you could get yourself a Foska voucher!

Much Love,
Foska Ben

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This is a bit sketchy!

We like fun and different designs at foska (as you are probably aware), which is why we giggled when we saw this picture of our Irn-Bru Jersey. It comes from Peter Macfarlane over at, who describes himself as “an occasional freelance outdoor writer, equipment tester and advocate of lightweight outdoors stuff.” It’s a very nice blog so if you’re into the outdoors give it a look!

Why not have a go yourself and send us some of your own Foska drawings, the funnier the better. If they’re good enough they may even find themselves on our the new Foska site… ;)

Send you pictures to

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We made it!

Sorry I haven’t been in touch Foska fans, been busy recovering!

We cruised into Kneller Hall at around midday to be greeted by cheering and clapping spectators after a gruelling 9 day ride, exhausted and thirsty we received a well deserved pint on arrival. On the last blog you saw we were down at Land’s End, that was only half way! On the return adventure back to Twickenham we stayed in large tents with all the other riders that the army had provided for us, in our tent we made some good friends which we hope to see again, it’s amazing how a bit of hard work can bring everyone together! (I think it’s because we were all knackered). Another good thing about cycling back was the mindset that we were on our way home, which in times of need came in very useful. Saw quite a few riders wearing Foska jerseys which never fails to raise morale.

Each day went past much the same as the others, woken by Reveille at 5am (!!), breakfast then leave at around 7am after a bucket full of faffing about (the keen ones would set off first, needless to say we started last most days!). The first two days back neared 100 miles each, which was a bit of a killer across Cornwall and Devon. Also the ham and MUSTARD sandwiches on day one were quite controversial. After nearly 11 hours in the saddle for day one and day two we were starting to reach a case of sense of humour failure but day three was shorter (about 85 miles) and not so hilly then day four back to the hallowed turf at Twickenham. At half time during the Quins vs Wasps match the riders were called down to a pitch side gate where we all proceeded to have a lap of honour around the stadium, the reception we received was amazing, thank you all.

The ride was very well marked out and very few people got lost each day, also the support crews were amazing, would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who helped out with the organisation of the ride, it was superbly done, including the army for the tents and banter! I’ve attached some pictures from the ride for you to peruse! Hope to see you all on the ride next year, readers!

Foska Ben

PS. I’m off back to university soon so I’ll try and post as much as I can but you might have to make do with one of the far inferior, sorry I mean equally talented, Foska team.

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Team Foska Make it to Lands End!

Who would have thought, they actually made it! I think Foska Tony might be coping a bit better than Foska Ben!

Now all they have to do is turn around and come back!

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Day Four – Nearly There!

Morning readers, it’s the start of day four now and only 55 miles to do today, times are good. Spent a very nice night in a pub and now ready to go. It has been said that there’s a big hill when we come out of the hotel but after that it’s mostly flat! That sounds like my kind of day!

Yesterday was a bit of a mission, 75 miles to do and all the way across dartmoor, after a big hill we rolled into exetor (where it started to rain, boo) then onwards to dartmoor where we encountered lots more hills, rain and cattle grids! The grids were quite scary but we figured if we went across them as fast as we could then it would be fine.


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Day One and Two!

Day one and two complete! Excellent. The weather has been holding out for us thus far, not too sure about today though, looks a bit grotty. Day one and two have gone relatively well, spent a total of about 13 hours in the saddle so far and have cycled about 140 miles, which considering how long we’ve been going for, isn’t a massive amount! My dad did inform me that the ride was going to be a little bit hilly, I think that was probably the understatement of the year, there are some bloody big hills!

At the end of day one we found our hotel in Wilton, had a celebratory jar of beer then off to the ice bath (this was NOT my idea), showers then off for dinner. After a short walk across town we reached a pub which was advertising it’s curry night, we’d struck gold. One curry and some more beers later we leave to find another establishment, only to stumble upon a beer festival!! The drinking continued as we watched the live band, then off to a very welcoming bed.

The morning of day two we were a little bit stiff to say the least, as we reached breakfast the host asked us if we’d like a cooked breakfast, we immediately agreed without thinking. This was to prove unwise. Two full English breakfasts later and we were stuffed and ready for bed again, but it was not to be, we had to be on our way. The breakfast sat in our stomaches for around two hours before even a little bit of comfort set in. Had a quick meeting with nature along the way and felt a bit more relaxed. We found that the pace had dropped considerably from the first day to the second, we were now averaging a measly 10mph, this was going to take a while. We reached Yeovil (about 2/3 of the way) and found a pub for a swift half, turns out they stocked London Pride! Brilliant. From there it was pretty much all up, some huge hills later and we were rolling into Ilminster, we’d nearly finished. Staying with an old friend we drank lots more beer and ate even more curry, another good night after a long day.

Day 3 is a big one, all the way down to Exeter then across Dartmoor, we’re staying just the other side of Tavistok, it’s going to be a long and hilly day but we’re nearly there!

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The Morning Of The Beginning Of The End!

So here it is, the morning of the beginning of the end!

Morning Foska fans, today is the start of our ride, it’s going to be long, and it’s going to be hard, but it’s not fear that grips me, just a heightened sense of things to come. We’re all kitted out in our gear and ready to go, we plan to set off before 10 which leaves us plenty of time for messing about beer drinking, and of course, riding. We’ve booked somewhere to stay in Salisbury so we’re going to get there no matter what! If you see two tired looking cyclists in Foska shirts cycling from London to Salisbury today then you know it’s us, any enthusiasm wouldn’t go awry. We will try and keep you updatedas best we can, obviously we will have limited access to facilities so it might be just pictures and a blog or two (if you’re lucky).

Wish us luck! Ben and Tony

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