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Rider Down TeamWe all know what it’s like to fall off our bikes or to twist an ankle whilst running but every so often there is a crash that is quite a lot more serious that needs to be noted.

On Sunday 8th May 2011, a rider named Scott Shepherd fell off his bike while racing the senior quarter finals at Penshurst Off Road Cycling Centre in Kent. It was a bad one. After catching his head on some tree stumps left by the side of the track, Scott was in serious trouble, suffering extensive brain trauma and being left in a coma.

Scott was rushed to hospital by KSS Air Ambulance and is slowly recovering, although still in a coma. He was being treated at London Royal Hospital for five and a half weeks but has now been moved to Royal Derby Hospital and is working hard towards recovery.

Rider Down has been created to try and raise some funds for Scott’s rehabilitation and has been widely well received across the mountain biking world. Heinz Beanz being Scott’s favourite jersey, Foska has donated some of Scott’s friends (and fellow riders) some Heinz Beanz shirts to help raise awareness for this cause to wear during races and events.

Follow his progress here.

Remember, always wear a helmet…

Scott Shepherd

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