The Lexus Great British Bike Ride

Here down in the Foska cave, we like to do our bit for charity (we’re nice like that), so when the Lexus Great British Bike Ride (LGBBR) organisers contacted us asking us to design and make the shirts for the ride we more more than happy to do our part and help out. But we didn’t want to stop there, so a couple of us made a (very) late decision to join in too!

The LGBBR takes place on the 1 – 4th of September, the ride in total is 312 miles, from Land’s End to Twickenham, now, you may be thinking that 312 miles in four days isn’t too bad, but as the two Team Foska riders we’re not only prepared to take on the challenge, but to raise the bar significantly by cycling down there from Twickenham too! Effectively doubling the ride distance (and the pain) to nearly 650 miles .

The two chosen riders are Tony and me, Ben, father and son (aww). One an older (he’ll kill me for that) but experienced road cyclist and keen beer drinker (beer of choice being none other than London Pride!), the other being a young but enthusiastic novice student – myself. Also a keen beer drinker (beer of choice being whatever’s going!)

As I sit here, the novice, I can’t help but feel a sense of dread, this is not diminished by the fact that even the more experienced riders among my peers seem impressed by the feat ahead. Having only received my first road bike about 5 days ago and the day almost upon us, I personally think my apprehension is warranted. Had my new (and first) cleats aligned at Action Bikes in Embankment in preparation for the ride, it was an excellent service and well worth the money… Now all I’ve got to do is remember to unclip and not fall off!

Started training and have burned over 100 miles so far, I just hope I can keep it up over the scarily hilly parts! I will try and keep you updated as often as possible on how training is going and the ride itself so watch this space. If you have any advice for us, and by us I mean me, stick it in the comments below, any help will be much appreciated!

Wish us luck,
Foska Ben.

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2 Responses to The Lexus Great British Bike Ride

  1. gary price-hunt says:

    good luck and take it steady – try and get the miles in before lunch-time!

  2. Sean Brereton says:

    Good luck chaps and remember do not gulp the beer, regular sips will see you through!

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