We made it!

Sorry I haven’t been in touch Foska fans, been busy recovering!

We cruised into Kneller Hall at around midday to be greeted by cheering and clapping spectators after a gruelling 9 day ride, exhausted and thirsty we received a well deserved pint on arrival. On the last blog you saw we were down at Land’s End, that was only half way! On the return adventure back to Twickenham we stayed in large tents with all the other riders that the army had provided for us, in our tent we made some good friends which we hope to see again, it’s amazing how a bit of hard work can bring everyone together! (I think it’s because we were all knackered). Another good thing about cycling back was the mindset that we were on our way home, which in times of need came in very useful. Saw quite a few riders wearing Foska jerseys which never fails to raise morale.

Each day went past much the same as the others, woken by Reveille at 5am (!!), breakfast then leave at around 7am after a bucket full of faffing about (the keen ones would set off first, needless to say we started last most days!). The first two days back neared 100 miles each, which was a bit of a killer across Cornwall and Devon. Also the ham and MUSTARD sandwiches on day one were quite controversial. After nearly 11 hours in the saddle for day one and day two we were starting to reach a case of sense of humour failure but day three was shorter (about 85 miles) and not so hilly then day four back to the hallowed turf at Twickenham. At half time during the Quins vs Wasps match the riders were called down to a pitch side gate where we all proceeded to have a lap of honour around the stadium, the reception we received was amazing, thank you all.

The ride was very well marked out and very few people got lost each day, also the support crews were amazing, would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who helped out with the organisation of the ride, it was superbly done, including the army for the tents and banter! I’ve attached some pictures from the ride for you to peruse! Hope to see you all on the ride next year, readers!

Foska Ben

PS. I’m off back to university soon so I’ll try and post as much as I can but you might have to make do with one of the far inferior, sorry I mean equally talented, Foska team.

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